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The Wall Street Journal
Nov. 4th 2011

"Breakfast of Champions"

Tribeza Magazine
July 2011

The Breakfast Club

"...Below are a few of our favorite selections around town."

 Java Dive Café

"... you no longer have to drive all the way into town for a good breakfast. A fairly recent addition to this area that has grabbed our attention is Java Dive Café. Despite its name, the Java Dive is a step up from what you normally might consider a “dive.” Located in a shopping center along Ranch Road 620, this charming little bistro offers a delightful selection of breakfast treats including breakfast sandwiches and tacos, sweet baked goods and omelets. But what sets this locale apart is its 100 percent organic and primarily gluten-free menu, a mission that strikes a chord with owner Roni Liberman who believes those who have different food allergies should still be able to eat delicious food.

We like the whole-wheat breakfast taco with homemade turkey sausage as well as the triple berry muffin, but the gluten-free waffles are a special sweet and spongy morning surprise. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Java Dive reminds us that we can have a hearty and heart-healthy meal in one."

The Austin Chronicle
3rd of July 2009

Lake Eats Revisited

We take a trip down Ranch Road 620 for new bites on the scene

Java Dive Cafe

"Owner Ronnie Lieberman started with a small coffee shop four years ago, slowly adding pastries and savory foods to his menu. Customer response was so positive that the original Java Dive outgrew its little place and now resides in a spacious corner of the attractive Oak Grove Plaza. In addition to excellent coffee roasted on-site, Lieberman's eclectic menu also features breakfast, soups, salads, wraps, panini, pastries, and smoothies made with organic and gluten-free ingredients whenever possible. Health-conscious lake-dwellers are certainly taking notice."



Austin American-Statesman

February 12, 2008 


XL Magazine  

100 coffee shops, 83 percent independent 

“I drove past this casual-looking Lakeway spot several times, but, man, am I glad I persisted. Hands down, the best americano in Central Texas, along with warm, rich cookies and espresso fudge. The owner is extraordinarily engaged with his customers - rare for a coffee shop-and the cafe fare is organic as they come.” 


Austin American Statesman Newspaper 


Alamo Celiac GIG Organization 

Mar 2009


Defensive Dining – LakewayJava Dive Organic Cafe

The Java Dive Organic Cafe is exceptional in the true sense. The owners, Roni Liberman and Romy Sanders, bring lifetime knowledge and a genuine love of real food into reality with this business. This business has many facets. It is a restaurant, a haven for coffee lovers (with coffee roasted there on the premises), a market, a provider of take out meals, an ice creamery, and even a place to languish in summer months while enjoying the outside patio.


For those of us with celiac disease and other food intolerances this is surely a place to frequent. Roni himself is gluten sensitive. And Romy is a naturopathic physician, trained at Bastyr University, with experience dealing with people with different food allergies. They know the consequences to their clients and take it seriously.

And, not to be taken lightly, almost all of the offerings are organic. Roni is working on obtaining official certification as an organic restaurant. Once in place, he said that Java Dive would be in the company of other restaurants in the country so few in number that you can count them on two hands. Ironically, the gluten-free offerings tend to be the non-organic offerings, simply because some of the core ingredients are not available in organic form.

There are typically nine employees, including two chefs. Turnover is very low. Detailed discussions occur weekly regarding the procedures related to preparing and serving gluten-free food. I was able to meet the chefs and one of the employees, as well as to tour the kitchen and prep areas, all of which reinforced their commitment level.


Roni and Chef Kate welcomed a discussion about minimizing cross-contact wherever possible. Roni is planning to develop an employee manual and a book of ingredients. He has already developed a gluten-free pamphlet, stating all of the ingredients for their gluten-free offerings. The only exception may be with some of the baked goods, which can change over time, however, that information can be provided if it did not make it into the original pamphlet.

All gluten-free orders are handled in a special manner. Sandwiches and breakfast tacos are made using individual foil pieces placed on the prep surface. The panini sandwiches are made using Kinnikinnick bread and are heated using the dedicated left side of the toasting grill. Wraps and breakfast tacos can be ordered with Food For Life’s brown rice tortillas or Whole Foods’ organic corn tortillas. The corn tortillas are not labeled as gluten free but are the Whole Foods organic brand, which many of us are familiar with already.

The individual breads remain in their original wrappings until use, and are also kept in a separate refrigerator in the prep area.

Virtually all the pasta used is the Tinkyada gluten-free brand. Separate packages of soba noodles exist, but are rarely used. They know never to reuse the water for boiling.

All meats are Boars Head brand natural meats, cheeses are pure with no adders, and the mayonnaise and mustard are gluten free with minimal ingredients.

Almost all of the soups are gluten free and with this clearly noted. They are made fresh daily.

Daily “Chef’s Specials” clearly state whether they are gluten free or not. Only one special is made each day, minimizing the chance for cross-contact. Although they do not use separate preparation areas, Roni has identified certain utensils to be used for the gluten-free products and employees know to thoroughly clean the surface or utilize the dedicated foils.

The bags of flour are kept at the same level in their original sacks within the cooler. The gluten-free flours are kept separately in plastic containers. This both helps identify the gluten-free ones and minimizes contamination.

Salads do not contain croutons, but for non-celiac customers a piece of pita bread is added. Employees know not to place this bread on the plate of gluten-free customers. If a mistake were to be made, they understand a new plate would need to be made.


There are many fantastic gluten-free baked goods to satisfy everyone’s love of sweets. Each week a gluten-free cake is made, then kept in its own, specially labeled glass cake container. All brownies made at Java Dive are gluten free. The numerous gluten-free cookies and biscotti are all baked on dedicated trays and then individually wrapped.

The cheesecake, which is also suitable for diabetics, has no crust. They use ZSweet as their natural and gluten-free sweetener. Some of the baked goods even include vegan and dairy free options as well.

Homemade gluten-free waffles are also available, and Roni has just ordered a dedicated waffle iron for his celiac customers.

Java Dive employees make all of their own dressings and sauces, and all are gluten free.

For recipes with soy sauce, SanJ Wheat Free Soy Sauce is used.

They use Frontier spices, considered pure and organic. I contacted Frontier Natural Products Co-Op to see if their spices are gluten free. They do not claim to have an allergen-free facility, although I reviewed the ingredients online and no gluten ingredients stood out to me in their products.

They use Frontier spices, considered pure and organic. I contacted Frontier Natural Products Co-Op,, to see if their spices are gluten free. They do not claim to have an allergen-free facility, although I reviewed the ingredients online and no gluten ingredients stood out to me in their products.

The menu is quite clear regarding the various offerings and relative to being gluten free or organic.

This restaurant is more oriented towards breakfast and lunch, a point for timing when you plan your visit.

I dare say the contents in the market area greatly resembled my own pantry at home, with a nice variety of products for sale – from rice bran through organic, gluten-free soda. There are pre-packaged meals ready to go, and I even saw gluten-free doughnuts in the frozen-foods case, along with the various breads.

Prices are quite reasonable, particularly when you think of the wonderful fresh – and largely organic – ingredients used.

Their Web site is helpful and states all the offerings, including the daily chef’s specials. There is even a special section on the site titled “Food Allergies” for additional guidance.

When I left, the happy lunch crowd was clearly forming.

There’s even some talk of having another Java Dive in downtown Austin one day. (JW 03/09)


Alamo Celiac GIG


Austin American-Statesman

November 27th, 2007


"Time to savor all that makes Austin beloved"


   “For the soaring condos, apartments and lofts downtown that combat sprawl, enhance social culture and contribute to the richness of street life below.  For the ambitious restaurants that have transformed Austin from a culinary backwater of (admittedly indispensable) barbecue and Tex-Mex into a foodie mecca in just 20 years. For the myriad improvements to East Austin, or at least the ones that don't displace indigenous cultures, that have charged sidewalks and gathering places with an unprecedented buzz. And for all the other neighborhoods that have preserved the best of their physical and social environments, while recognizing the incontrovertible benefits of change. For the pockets of intense culture that pop up in central Georgetown, Lockhart, San Marcos, Marble Falls, Fredericksburg and elsewhere across Central Texas.  For the boutiques, eateries and street vendors that make shopping — and walking — so cool along South Congress Avenue, Second Street, the Market District and the Drag. (Selfishly, also for the menswear scattered among the stylish treasures usually reserved for women.)  For the taco stands and other purveyors of comfort food along South First Street, South Lamar and North Lamar boulevards, East Seventh and East Cesar Chavez streets. And for the seafood section at the MT Oriental Market in the Chinatown Center.  For the seven sisters of higher education that join hands to train Central Texas' creative classes. And for the more than 100 coffeehouses that serve as backup offices and libraries for Central Texas students and workers. Especially for the espresso-based drinks at Java Dive in Lakeway, Mozart's, Pacha and (more consistently) JP's Java." ... 


 Austin American-Statesman Newspaper



 Austin American-Statesman

 January 25th, 2007


Rated as One of the Best Four  

 Coffee Shops in Central TX- 1st Listed


"This Lakeway joint makes the most luxurious espresso-based drinks {lattes} we tasted."


Austin American Statesman Newspaper



LAKE TRAVIS Cavalier chronicle
 Vol 19 Issue 4 March 2008


Getting Sick of Fast Food? Try These Restaurants

"Java Dive, a jammin' little 100% organic hole in the wall in Lakeway, is quoted as having the best lattes and coffee in town, and is voted best coffee in central Texas by Michael Barnes.  If you can handle the weird hours, than its' definitely worth it to drive down 620.  Just pass Debba Drive, and try out their baked organic goods, various wraps, breakfast tacos, luxurious yet skinny lattes, and decadents all organic cheesecake. "Our most popular non-Str* drinks are Mexican mocha and coconut almond", spoke the owner and baker Ronny.

All flavoring are Sugar free, and no artificial flavoring is added.  As good as the food is, the atmosphere is relaxed and almost feels like a piece of downtown Austin in suburbia Lakeway.  Local artists flaunt their work on the walls, and the owner chooses only the coolest world music to serenade th customers.  Want to have something sweet and organic, but lay low on sugar, artificial flavorings, over-done commercial classics? Hop in the hole in the wall in Lakeway."



Emmaus Catholic Parish

Lakeway Texas



Pastor's E-epistle 22 June 2007


…with very fine epicurean tastes in response to my last week’s restaurant recommendation offered to me one of his own. He suggested that I check out Java Dive on Rt. 620 north, just beyond the intersection of Debba Drive. I had been past it many times in my perambulations around Lakeway but never stopped. I figured, having lived a different sort of life before seminary, that I had already been in my share of dives of various sorts in my wanderings around the world. I really doubted any dive in Lakeway could match some that I have seen. However I was wrong although in an undive-like kind of way. It is great. I went there for a breakfast taco and coffee on Saturday morning. The coffee is great and the taco was really great. Even better, it is all healthy stuff so I did not have to fear white stuff (refined carbohydrates). The taco came whole-grain. The “hot” salsa was mild by my standards but very good nevertheless. I am keeping this dive on my list of places where I can get a good breakfast close to home."


Emmaus Catholic Parish


Lake & Country Living - Publication of the Lake Travis View

Summer 2006


"The next time you're heading toward the dam, stop by the Java Dive, located just south of Hudson Bend.  This tasty treat is a break from the ordinary, featuring organic food, an astonishing array of teas and coffees and Amy's Ice Cream, to eat there or on the go.  Super charge your workout with a fast proteins like the Dive's protein-rich smoothies or a fun smoothie special."